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<>:Shanghai Port headed No.1 for container handling volume
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2014-3-28 7:34:06
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    Oriental Network, Mar. 14,2014:

    Few days ago,¡¶Report on the Development of Global Ports£¨2013£©¡·released by Shanghai International Shipping Research Center stated that the trade show down in the emerging markets and the repeated economic shocks in the develped countries reflected the weakness of world economy recovery in the ¡°Post Crisis Period¡±. Meanwhile, the global port business is going on slowly along with a series of significant reform.

    The container handling volumes in China top 20 container ports are relatively stable, the ranking list changed a little bit, only happened on ports of Qingdao, Lian Yungang, Rizhao and Humen with growth. Shanghai Port ranks top by the volume of 33.62 million TEUs with absolute advantage, the gap between Shenzhen Port was further enlarged to 10.330 million TEUs. Dalian and Humen port were respectively increase by 24.19% and 35.92% compared to the same period, which were also the rapidest growth during the Top 20.

    The Report indicated that the cargo handling volume for the main ports in the world had a year to year increase of 4.7% last year, sustained the slow recovery in the previous year, and basically got out of the yearly descending trend. Especially in the third quarter, boosted by the business of large quantity bulk cargo as coal, mine etc, the cargo handling volume was expanding obviously. And, the ports in Asia, Africa and Australia had a volume increase to some exent compared to the last year.

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