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Port machinery new technologies seminar was held Scientific and technological innovation boost port machinery ¡°green upgrade¡±
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2011-11-11 13:54:10
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    From 21st to 23rd Sep, Port machinery new technologies seminar sponsored by ZPMC was held in Shanghai, nearly 260 terminal representative and shipping delegate from more than 20 countries and regions worldwide attended the seminar, the vice president of CCCC attended the meeting and delivered a speech, in which he affirmed the achievements ZPMC made in the field for many years. In the seminar, ZPMC demonstrated a number of independent innovations of port machinery products, and low-carbon, environmentally friendly, intelligent as the theme, then leading a new round of green revolution in port machinery and promoting the upgrading of port machinery.
    Since its foundation, ZPMC has been committed to technology innovation for many years and leads the development of port machinery. ZPMC has been the vane of port machinery field in the world. In the seminar, a number of independent innovations of port machinery products were demonstrated, including automated container terminal, bulk material handling equipment and system, the technology development of ZPMC yield crane, energy-saving technology of ZPMC¡¯s RTG and many new technology of low energy consumption crane.

    The most notable is undoubtedly 4 automated container terminals. They are automated terminal with horizontal transportation using AGV, automated terminal and semi-automated terminal with horizontal transportation using straddle carrier, automated terminal with horizontal transportation using tridimensional handling system and semi-automated terminal with horizontal transportation using truck. In Changxing Base, the new developed Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and shuttle carrier attracted the visitors. The traditional AGV doesn¡¯t have automatic loading and unloading function. In the buffer, AGV and rail-mounted gantry have to wait for each other, leading to congestion. To solve the problem, ZPMC designs AGV-mate, which can directly load and unload AGV, free the AGV from waiting. The latest generation AGV, with 65 tons in rated load, can deal with a single 20ft, 40ft or two 20ft containers and achieve energy-saving environmental protection automated terminal operation. Like as the AGV, the straddle carrier also face with the problem of high-power internal combustion engine driven, so ZPMC develops hybrid electric even fully electric powered straddle carrier with advantages of energy-saving, lower emission and less noisy.

    Until now, ZPMC has global sales of about 2000 container cranes and 3100 rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTG), sale amount is considerable and quality is more reliable. The newly developed low energy consumption crane, as one of green port machinery, is very famous. With the rapid development of container transportation industry, terminals worldwide generally purchase larger cranes to achieve high productivity; meanwhile, high capacity cranes consume more energy. Through optimizing design and improving crane whole weight, ZPMC ensure the overall performance of products and reduce energy consumption. The low energy consumption crane, being put into use in the end of 2011, is expected to reach 10 percents energy-saving. In addition, lithium battery driven rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTG) in the seminar is also of concern, making high-power lithium battery as power supply of RTG. This type keeps the flexibility and versatile of traditional RTG. Compared with the traditional diesel-gen RTG, using the system can save more than 50% fuel with obvious advantages of energy saving in the same condition.

    ZPMC has always dedicated itself to technological innovation to create world-renowned port machinery brand. It also promotes industry upgrading and guides port machinery development by means of technological innovation. Despite the impact of global economic crisis on port machinery has not yet faded, challenge is new opportunities. With pragmatic attitude and innovative courage, ZPMC is boost port machinery ¡°green upgrade¡± and lead the development trend of port machinery with low-carbon, environmentally friendly, intelligent.

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