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Shanghai Port Machinery Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd. It is located at N0.298 Huiji Road, Xuanqiao Town, Pudong New Area. It is only 6 kilometers from the Hulu Highway (A2), only 15 km from the Pudong International Airport.  Geographical condition is superior and transportation is convenient. The company covers an area of 238 mu, building area of 62750 square meters, and wharf on riverside of 440 meters long. It integrates research, design, manufacture, installment, adjustment, transportation and after-sale service in an entity to provide users with a full range of service. And it’s a professional manufacture with rich experience in fabricating container spreaders.

The products of Shanghai port machinery heavy industries Co., Ltd. consist of telescopic twin containers spreader, rotatable spreader, single container spreader, electric spreader, fixed length spreader, headblock of all kinds, hook beam, man cage, spreader trailer, overheight beam, driver cab of all kinds, gear box, grab bucket and so on, totally 13 categories nearly 100 varieties. All products can improve stevedoring efficiency significantly.

Pursuit of High Quality
Pursuit of high quality is the primary objective for ZPMC spreaders.

Though application working conditions of spreaders are very harsh, adapting for application requirements of ports and reducing the fault rate of spreaders on ports are our ultimate pursuit. We manufacture all the important structures with high strengthen plates to make their weight light and their strength high. Larger hydraulic presser, bending machine, NC laser blanking machine, underwater plasma blanking machine guarantee machining precision of steel structure. Professional assembly and manufacturing equipments which are used in producing telescopic beam, main beam, push-rod, twin-lift frame, middle twistlock box and end beam, can guarantee the key sizes and interchangeablity of spreader structures. Overhanging beam twin-head automatic welder, box beam three-head automatic welder and welding machine hands guarantee high reliability of all welding beams.

Spreaders products made by ZPMC have the advantages of seriation, assembly standardization and strong components interchangeability and so on. Standardized production and management system guarantees that every product can be used as soon as it leaves our company.

The skeleton of ZPMC’s cabin is of high-intensity that welded by high-quality material. Outside coverage use high-quality cold rolled plate or hot-rolled plates. The internal skeleton is lined by fire protection, heat insulation, sound insulation materials and decorations use MDF, aluminum panel decoration and thin steel plates. The windows are usually 5mm thick toughened or laminated safety glass, whose light transmission is not less than 80%. The floor outside room is a pattern, hot dip galvanized expanded metal. Cabin is painted with epoxy zinc-rich primer, epoxy micaceous iron, polyurethane topcoat. Thickness of paint is not less than 220um.

Perfect testing measures
ZPMC guarantee the high reliability of the products by the perfert inspection and testing system. From the raw material to finished products, it takes totally about 263 various types of inspections, including the accuracy measurement, finish tests, physical and chemical analysis, materials tests, part performance test and whole function tests.

Recently, what we mainly developing is that studying the rationality of spreader structure and the durability of parts. Twist-locks fatigue test-bed, tests the times of using twist-locks under the double rated load and the similar using conditions of site situations. After testing, the rationality of the design of the twist-locks will be improved to ensure that all the twist-locks for the spreaders can be guaranteed to use more than 20 million times. Overloaded function test bed is used for testing the functions under the heavy use of the spreaders, and in particular, double-box spreader is mainly used to test the shock survival of small-scale structures, electrical components, electric box parts and components, helping to optimize the design of structures to ensure the reliable usability under the effect of high shock and vibration. Overload spreader and shock testing machine can test the structure of the overload performance of spreader, control the hydraulic system digitally, and test the function of steel of the spreaders under 140% of rated load. Meanwhile, the test bed machine can also simulate the impact test to the case conditions, to study the impact situation and performance parameters of parts of spreader in the actual situation. Using MT, PT, UT, RT and other means of non-destructive testing methods to test materials, weld, heat treatment and never let any failed parts to be delivered. Under the control of strict inspection procedures, the quality of the spreaders is stable and reliable.

Recall system and lifetime warranty promise
Strict quality control system and excellent concept in design and development ensure the high quality of spreaders, and we promise solemnly: Zhenhua spreaders are guaranteed throughout its lifetime! It is a unprecedented loud commitment in the machinery industry and indicates the ZPMC’s confidence in the quality of products and determination of improving the quality of the Chinese mechanical products.

We guarantee that the spreaders can be used not less than 100 million times and we provide spreader parts throughout its lifetime. In order to solve the problems of using spreaders on the site, after-service specialists will frequently visit the user terminal, to guide the maintenance, follow the recall system if it has poor quality, change or repair those spreaders with design defect, all of which are free. So the users always have the spreaders with best states, and it ensures that all the spreaders will be under a normal operation without failure on the users’ docks. ZPMC provides 24-hour online service, to ensure that any user has a strong technical support, allowing users free of use.

ZPMC spreaders with its exquisite production technology and reliable product performance are world-famous, products are being used in more than 70 countries and regions across the world. Spreaders performance reached the leading level of world, trouble-free box amount has reached 6000 TEU. And it can be operated efficiently in the high demanding container loading and unloading domain. ZPMC spreaders has a variety of types. The recently launched total electric spreader which is environment-friendly has formed a series, well-liked by customers.

ZPMC integrates their wisdom and the beauty of precise of machinery. Give the ice-cold machine life and push the Chinese port container production technology into a wider sphere and a higher level. Standing at the every minute counts era, ZPMC staff formed a golden brand by virtue of their wisdom and action and continuing their high-speed developing. Shanghai Port Machinery Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. will expand to global market with a new gesture and action. Strive to be No.1 of this industry, hold the banner of prospering Chinese and create a nation brand that erect in the realm of container spreader.

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