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All-electric twin-lift extendable spreader(movable flipper)
Product Model:SET-MRER-00&SET03

Technical specifications 
Model:SET-MRER-00&SET03】 Overloadprotectivevalueof motors  150%
For operation with ISO standard 20’,40’, 45’ containers and twin 20’containers Precaution class  IP 55
S.W.L.(CONCENTRIC/SINGLE MODE)  50T Voltage of valves  DC 24V
S.W.L.( ECCENTRIC/TWIN 20’MODE) 65T Expansion driving motor 2.2kw/1400 r.p.m×2
Load of lifting lugs at four corner of the end beam 16.5t×4 Twistlock driving motor 0.55kw/1430r.p.m×8
Load of lifting lugs at four corner of the main beam 16. 5t×4 Flipper driving motor 0.5kw/1380r.p.m×4
Self-weight (spreader)  12t Twin-lift separating motor 4kw/1400 r.p.m
Operation Twistlock housings up/down driving motor 0.55kw/710r.p.m×4
Expansion time (20’to 45’)  ~ 35 S Ambient temperature -20℃~+40℃
Twistlock rotation through 90° ~ 1S Twistlock Mode ISO floating twistlock, driven by electric actuator
Flipper through 180° 5~7S Telescopic Mode The telescopic system is driven by means of a electric motor and reduction gearbox connected to an endless chain
Flipple torque 2400 N·M
Electrical Part   Flippers Device The corner flippers are drived by electric motor and reduction gearbox
Power voltage/ Frequency AC 380V (3P)/50HZ(optional) Middle Twistlock housings Raised and lowered by vertical movement of electric actuator
Control voltage  DC 24V (optional) Moved by horizontal movement of electric actuator
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